Lanzarote. A dream comes true.

Lanzarote. A day of sunshine, gentle breeze fills us with the smell of the sea … An evocation of a vacation day, or a dream to conquer? Why not live this way every day of the rest of your life?

Fulfilling this dream is now a real possibility, with this spectacular home. This is a modern penthouse design by architect Martin Martin, located in the historic center of Arrecife, the Charco de San Ginés, at the same time a downtown and a quiet space, with a pedestrian walkway in which is common for people to walk or making sport, and the main street is just one minute walking.

The lake of salty water that has to less than 20 meters is used of traditional form to hold small recreative ships up or of fishing, shaping an urban and seaworthy really idyllic landscape. Also it is used to play sports with piraguas, Kayaks or padel-surf for his calm waters. A very recent study issued by the University of Valencia has informed that his waters constitute a very complex ecosystem of life. And from the terraces of the housing it is possible to be privileged spectator of all that.

The house is an unique piece and probably the best and most exclusive property of these characteristics in the city. Its 350m ² constructed, to which add another 200 m² of the three terraces facing the lake, the sea and the downtown, allowed to express all the art and creativity of the architect.

The first floor features an entrance hall, a bedroom with bathroom, two rooms with shared bathroom, study hall, guest toilet, kitchen, an utility room for pantry, washer and dryer, a dining room, a living room and two terraces. The second floor, featured another hall, a master bedroom, a Jacuzzi bath and an office. Also a terrace over one hundred square meters. These plants are connected by a staircase designed in two sections of steel and glass. One side is occupied by a glass walkway on flying a library of solid oak.

All soils are natural oak. Only kitchen and bathrooms have tiled walls and porcelain. The interior is painted completely white. The exterior woodwork is of high quality aluminum and sailor finished to protect from weather and sea effect. Crystals are securit double glazing or double glazing. The floors of the terraces are made of IPE wood, which is used for boat decks. The appliances are Bosch brand. The living room has a fireplace square Focus brand that produces, in winter, a warm home environment.

The whole house is air conditioned, has centralized sound system (allows you to listen audio in every room of the house, the garage, answer the phone or open the door), listening service for babies or toddlers, and centralized vacuum system throughout the house. The building is fully accessible for the disabled. It has an internal and private elevator Otis for six passengers, which reaches all floors of the building.

The garage, with a floor area of 40 sqm has three separate doors giving access to three cars, allowing for its design go with the car from the street and direct access to the entrance hall, from where starts a staircase with steps in air made with oak, and the exclusive private elevator housing. And no neighbors, of course.

The sale price is 998.000 euros.

For further information: 0034 679 980 118 –


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